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Family Law

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Family Law

Stokes Law understands that family Law deals with especially sensitive issues that can have life-long emotional and financial impacts on all involved. Family Law is a specialized area of law, requiring specific training in negotiation and litigation skills, taxation, property and business evaluation, as well as a knowledge of ever changing statutes and procedures.

Stokes Law has in-depth practice experience handling divorce, property settlement, custody, spousal maintenance, and post decree modification. In addition to the aforementioned practice experience, Ted Stokes, the managing member of Stokes Law, clerked for the Honorable Judge Thomas LeClaire on the family law docket of the Maricopa County Superior Court. There, Ted assisted Judge LeClaire in deciding a number of high profile and complex divorce cases including NFL linebacker Clark Haggans, multi-millionaire theater owners Karen and Daniel Harkins, NBA star Steve Nash, and other cases of high profile professional athletes that were filed under seal. This experience in Judge LeClaire’s chambers has been very beneficial to Ted’s success as he understands exactly what a family law judge is looking for.

If you are in need of family law assistance, give us call today and set-up a free consultation at (800) 681-1529.