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Chapter 11 Bankruptcy

Chapter 11 is the rarest bankruptcy between 7, 13, and 11. However, it can be very beneficial to your small business that on the horizon will be successful but for whatever reason is currently struggling to make ends meet. Chapter 11 is time consuming, complex and more expensive than Chapter 7 and Chapter 13; however, it is the only bankruptcy option for a small business that is a partnership, LLC, or corporation that needs to restructure debts but wants to continue operating.

Finding an experienced Chapter 11 bankruptcy attorney can be difficult because of the limited Chapter 11s that are filed annually in the District of Utah or District of Arizona. However, attorneys at Stokes Law have rich experience dealing with Chapter 11s on both the creditor and debtor side. We offer the best rates on Chapter 11 bankrutpcy and will match any other offer. We will navigate your business through your bankruptcy and get you the best results possible so that you can stay afloat, continue paying employees, regain profitability, and keep ahold of a small business that you have given much of your life to sustain.

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